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How do I find the teams for the account currently being saved?

Question asked by Derick van Niekerk on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by Derick van Niekerk

I have some logic that should get activated when an account is assigned to specific teams. If any of the teams associated with the account matches a team in this list, the logic should get triggered.


From the logic hook:

$teamSetBean = new TeamSet();
//Retrieve the teams from the team_set_id
$teams = $teamSetBean->getTeams($accBean->team_set_id);

In this case $teams contain the values of the teams assigned to the account *from the database*


I need the result as it's being saved right now.


When inspecting the bean, I find the results I need inside:


But this is a private variable! I can't find any way to retrieve the data contained in the _teamList array. Even calling:


just gets the data from the database.


How do I get the information for the teams currently being saved to the account?