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Seting a field to equal today's date in process author

Question asked by Rick Moss on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Patrick Sullivan

Enterprise, Version (Build 45)


I am designing a process and want an action to change a custom field to be today's date.  When I tell it to use a Constant then Fixed Date and enter one, the process works, so I know the rest of my design is fine.  Sadly, I cannot find a way to instead tell it to put in today's date.  I hoped I could enter fixed date of today() or date$ or something, but it won't take symbols or letters.  Is there any way to do it?  I also tried telling it to assign it the Field of Last Modified since modification triggers this process, so I know the date modified is today's date.  No luck.  Any other actions I add get completed, so again, the action criteria are being met.


Does anyone know a way to get the process designer to assign a DATE based field today's date when the action is triggered?