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Change options in a dropdown field when a relate field changes

Question asked by sidhu sidhu on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Mehul Bhandari

Hi All,


            Can you update how to change the drop down field when a relate field changes.

On change event we are checking the condition and doing as below:

relate field == 'xyz' then dropdown field = a,b,c as options in the drop down list

if relate field ==' mno' then dropdown field = d,e,f as options in  the drop down list.


1.We are able to get options but unable to update in the dropdown list when the relate field changes.

When we tried with below code:

this.model.fields['ds_c'].options = divSub_value_list;

above code it is rendering full view,with this we are getting problem with show and hide fields through formula.

2.When we are trying with particular field render with below code the drop down list is not updating.

    var renderField = this.getField('<field_name>');  


So how to update the dropdown list options based on relate field change.i am using version ENT


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