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calculated field which can count based on existing entrys

Question asked by Alexander Swade on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Hash Softech

Hi everyone,


im looking for a calculated field, which takes a certain string out of an other field and adds a numeric value. This value should be ongoing depending on how many other entrys exist.


Let me try to explain this in detail:

I create a contract, this contract has



Field A : customer name or number
Example: Customer Smith

Field B (claculated field) which should be Field A with the addition of the contract number - 001
(in this case, the customer can have multiple contracts)
Example: Customer Smith - 001


When i create a new contract and field A is again this customer ,then field B should show me: Field A - 002
and so on.
Example: Customer Smith - 002
if it is a new entry and there is no 001 than this field should be the 001

i hope i could express my problem somehow clear.

thanks in advance