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3 nested drop-down from 3 modules

Question asked by hafez Ahmad on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by Michael Joyner

Dear All,


I have 2 sub-panels in the opportunity module (1st one is the departments) and the second one name will be product owner, when the user use the select button in the product owner panel, he will get a popup includes 3 drop-downs, first dropdown will include the departments  that selected before from the 1st panel (departments)  if the user select Dep1 and Dep4 in sub-panel 1 e will get the same in the 1st drop-down,  when user select the department for example Dep4 I need to fill the 2nd dropdown with product list(the products is also Module) that belong to Dep4 , after the user select  the needed product the 3rd dropdown wil have the employee list that belong to the Dep4. 


So after the save I have relation belong to this record (Department - product  - product owner), any Ideas please?


I thought to create a new module and make a logical hooks and Ajax request to limit the options in each drop-down



Thank you for help.


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