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How to generate the following scheduled call automatically? Process Author

Question asked by Caroline MAILLOLS on Nov 21, 2016



Our SugarCRM version is 7.7.2 Enterprise.


I am trying to build a logic: Allow the sales reps to create a scheduled follow-up call when closing an existing call = to do both in the same record.

Goal: To avoid several clicks.



I created a new field in Call => Datetime => Next Call.

When they log a 'held' call (or change an existing scheduled call), they then have the possibility to fill the Next Call datetime field.

I want the system to be able to create the new scheduled call based on this information.


Work around:

As I couldn't build the logic at once, I created another Datetime field in the Account and created the following logic:


Business process 1: 

IF Call Status = Held AND Next Call Date >01/01/2015

THEN update Next Call in Account

THEN Wait 1 min

THEN update Next Call in Account to 01/01/2014


Business process 2:

IF Next Call in Account > 01/01/2015

THEN Create related Call (Start Date = Next Call and Status = Scheduled)



- The first BP didn't work. I tried to simplify it to check but it just won't update the field on the Account.


Has anyone any idea why please?

Also, if you have a better idea about how to build this, more than happy to hear about it