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Why does filtering by name on Leads not work?

Question asked by David Schunemann on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Rolustech Support

I have been testing filtering using different criteria and found that when filtering using the name field on the Lead entity, that I get all records returned as if no filter were applied. When filtering on other fields, such as the ID, I get the expected results


Filter Criteria Examples:

BROKEN:  &filter={"filter":[{"Leads":{"name":{"$equals":"Denna+Grote"}}}]}                                         - Returns all records regardless of name

WORKS:   &filter={"filter":[{"Leads":{"id":{"$equals":"1f4576e8-94a6-11e6-bf4e-000c2961fefb"}}}]}    - Returns one record (successful match)
Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is this a defect on the Sugar CRM side?