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Extra Rows Being added to Record View in Module Builder

Question asked by Shad Mickelberry on Nov 20, 2016
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I am working with a customer on Professional version They are self-hosting on a MAMP environment.


We are experiencing a strange issue in Module Builder when we create relationships. Specifically a one to many relationship adds the field to the one module's record view as expected. However, on subsequent saves additional rows are added. Screen shot attached. 


In the module's record.php file the extra rows are appended with a 1 like it would if it were an additional relationship. The relationship with a _1 doesn't exist in any of the relationship definitions.


            3 => 

            array (

                'name' => 'revws_review_sites_revws_review_listings_name', // Correct field


              4 =>

              array (

                'name' => 'revws_review_sites_revws_review_listings_1_name', // Many of these lines add after



If we remove these lines they simply come back. I copied the instance locally and wasn't experiencing the same issue. I didn't see anything relevant in either the sugarcrm.log or PHP error logs. I am at a loss of where to even start to track this down. We can get around this by deploying without the relationship and adding in Studio. We don't seem to experience the same issue when using this method.