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how can i setup a Developer instance (environment) of Sugar based on my SVN (production) code?

Question asked by Sebastian Segovia on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by Sebastian Segovia

I have to setup a developer environment for SugarCRM 6.4.5 to correct some custom code, that's why i can not interviene the QA or Prod environment. All i have is the Sugar files from SVN, but when i put them on my apache folder and i launch the index page i'm asked to install sugar, which i don't want to, i just want to use what i already have versioned on SVN.

Either way, i've even tried installing SugarCRM as my pages ask me, but even the install.php page throws LOTS of errors like the ones on this picture:



The QA environment, just like the Prod environment it's been set with MS SQL Server, not MySQL, which is the only option available on my current "install" method.


Is there a way to install Sugar and then redirect it to use my QA DB?

Since the tests i'll run will just involve "select queries" there is no harm, i already have all the data and users i need in that DB, that's why i just need the "php" running on my machine and be able to connect to the QA DB.


So what i am really asking is how to setup my developer instance based on my SVN versioned code, using my existent DB and not to create a New Sugar Instance with MySQL.