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Sidecar ES6 support and bwc modules

Question asked by Radosław Kazaniszyn on Nov 8, 2016


As I couldn't find any roadmap I think this is the right place to ask about the further plans for sugarcrm framework development.


I can see that PHP stuff in Sugar seems to be going in the right direction. You started moving things into composer, using namespaces and that king of stuff and this is very cool for us as a developers


Ive got some questions regarding to the JS framework (sidecar).

Are you guys planning to rewrite the old modules like Quotes or Campaigns to sidecar? It is quite annoying for developers to use 2 (or even 3!) different frameworks in one project.

Some modules use sidecar, other modules use php controllers and smarty templates, another use separated files for actions and XTemplate library (I bet this is the oldest framework).

Im sure it would be more convinient for use to use just one framework everywhere.


Another question is about ES6 support in sidecar. Do you guys consider using ES6 syntax in sidecar similar to other moder js frameworks? This is like ES6 sidecar view could look like:


import RecordView from 'clients/base/views/record/record';


export default class CustomRecordView extends RecordView