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Relate Field for Meetings Module (Listview)

Discussion created by Robert Schrepfer on Nov 8, 2016
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Hello everyone!


I would really appreciate some help on the following topic:


I want to see the contact from whos detailview a meeting was created in the listview of the meetings module.

Since I have already done a few dozen relate fields and calculated relate() fields, I thought this would be a simple task.

I have tried the following:

1. Adding a textfield with a formular "relate($contacts,"full_name"))", I have also tried the $contact_parent module as well as trying to display different columns like "first_name".

2. Adding a relate field to the meetings module with a realtion to contacts.

3. Adding a 1 to 1 relationship to the meetings module and adding the new field to the layout


All of these 3 options have the same result: no entries are shown in the listview of the meetings module. (I have added every option to the listview of course).


In my mind this should be easily possible: When checking the columns in the database table "meeting" there acutally is a column named "contact_name" which is also filled with the correct data I'd like to display, however this field does not appear in studio.


Thanks in advance!

Robert Schrepfer


EDIT: Work-around by creating a field temporarily which is available for mass update, update it with no values and the relate field gets is getting really tiresome finding these work-arounds when this is just a standard feature.