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Need to audit ALL user activity and export to

Question asked by Pete Johnstone on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by kuske

So I need to log and store (on our separate syslog server) all user actions, etc. for HIPAA compliance purposes.


Where do I begin with SugarCRM logging?  We're using SugarCRM Enterprise, mysql backend on a Centos box.


Just unsure as to how to configure all the logging (I suspect it's easy) and of course export it to syslog b/c we have to keep the logs for 6 years I believe.


What does the sugarcrm.log contain?  Does it already record all user activity, attempted log ins, user activity inside the system, etc.?  Then I could just export this log to the syslog server via cron or something I suppose.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!