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Module not inserting on its custom table even though the custom field is found there v6.5

Question asked by Rodolfo Tuble on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Sayad Sharif

I have a module called aos_product_quotes now this has its own table called aos_product_quotes and a custom table called aos_product_quotes_cstm, in this custom table my custom field can be found "code".


Now my problem is that unlike in my previous experience when my module tries to insert new data it returns a database error saying that "code" field is not found on aos_product_quotes, well that is true since it is on aos_product_quotes_cstm. Then I would like to know is that why it is not inserting the data for the custom field on its custom table but instead, tries to find the custom field on the main table?


Should I just add the custom field to the main table? Though I am not sure how to proceed with this as I just added my new custom field using a studio.