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SugarCRM 7.6 w/ mysql backend, data encryption options?

Question asked by Pete Johnstone on Nov 2, 2016

So in a few weeks, we'll be putting live data into our Sugar instance, as such we will be storing some sensitive data that due to federal regulations must be encrypted (healthcare/HIPAA regulations).


That said, I guess I'm looking for best practices/opinions on this.  If documentation exists, please point me in that direction - I'm currently looking into MySQL encryption but of course things like performance, and making sure SugarCRM can talk to the database are important - I also need to know what has to be configured on the Sugar side, etc.  Basically we'll need data at rest encryption, and the means to encrypt any trasmission of sensitive data. 


So any information would be great, I have a couple weeks to test it before it needs to be put into place on our production database, guess I'm just looking for the best starting point.