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How to fetch the Likely field from the module metadata REST API

Question asked by Daniel Cook on Nov 3, 2016

I need to fetch a list of opportunity fields into my system. This is so that I can provide users of my system with a list of opportunity fields that are available to map to fields in my system when importing data from Sugar 7.


I have the following C# code to fetch a list of opportunity fields from the REST API module metadata:


RestRequest request = new RestRequest("metadata", Method.POST);
request.AddParameter("type_filter", "modules");
json = crm.ExecuteAdmin(request);

The result contain opportunity standard and custom fields but does not contain the "Likely" field. My first thought was that this is because Likely is a derived field (an aggregation of the opportunity's line items) however I can see that another derived field "Probability" is retrieved.


Can anyone suggest which REST API method I can call which would fetch meta data about fields such as Likely? Or whether this is possible?


Alternatively, is it possible to create a custom field in Sugar and set its value to mirror the Likely field, which would enable me to use this custom field for my users to map into my system?