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Adding lead relationship or lead quick create to custom module

Question asked by Jake Vernon on Oct 27, 2016

I created a custom module called MRP...MRP's send us leads and this means that we have an MRP account manager. I created a custom module called MRP and I have created one to many relationships between MRPS module and Documents, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Meetings, etc....I'm trying to add a relationship for MRPS one to many Leads so that an MRP can own a lead and the account manager can just create the lead on the MRPS page by using the subpanel.

1) I'm not getting a Leads subpanel to show up?

2) Is there a better way to do this like a quick create?

3) I also want to list the opportunities that are associated with the lead that are in turn associated with the MRP.  Best way to do this?


Thanks in advance!


- Jake