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Search all related records for a field value

Question asked by Brad Koch on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by Brad Koch

Contacts Module - I added a field name <character type>  with a drop down to choose a defined character type = ("influencer", "gate keeper", "Internal Coach", "decision maker")

Accounts Module - I added 4 fields (one for each character type listed above)


In the accounts module, I want to display the related contact's name in the layout who matches that <character type>.


In plain english - the filed name INFLUENCER in the account module should show the related contact's name  who's <character type> = INFLUENCER


The problem is, if I use EQUAL as a function, it only checks the most recent related contact record.  If I have 5 records, it never goes past the 1st one.  Can I do this without Sugar Logic?