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Update reports_to with bean.

Question asked by Gerardo Garcia Lima on Oct 12, 2016

Hi everyone!


I got a big issue, i'm trying to update the reports_to field on my user using a bean in php. When I create users and fill the bean property reports_to_id it will automatically add this user to the team of the new user as reports to.




But when i update the same user using again, a bean, it will update the user "reports to" on the record view of the user but not in the team, it will leave the one that was before and won't add the one I updated on the property "reports_to_id".


Also when I open and save a bean it will change the membership on the team for the "reports to" user to "member" with the option to delete, if i delete it then it will leave back the "reports to" on the membership inside the team.


Hope someone knows how to solve this issue.


Thank you very much.