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Problems with migration from MSSQL to MySQL

Question asked by Jonas Eberhardt on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by Angel Magana

Hello Community,


we want to migrate sugarCRM from MSSQL to MySQL on Ubuntu.

AFAIK there is no migration assistance within sugarCRM, so we want to migrate the database with MySQL Workbench. The current environment is Ubuntu 16.04 and MySQL 5.7.15 and Workbench 6.3.7 - latest versions.

To connect to MSSQL Server over the network we use FreeTDS.


We want to migrate the whole database and data.


The migration wizard shows no errors, i can see that it will do the following:

- Migration from Latin1_General_CI_AS to utf8_general_ci



Additionally, there are several warnings referring to default values in MSSQL, f.e "Default value N'https://' is not supported". It seems these default values are set to NULL in MySQL.


Can you please give me any information about problems that may or will occur? I am new in this whole migration thing...

I'm happy with any suggestions / tips!


Thank you in advance,