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Self Service Assignment

Question asked by Jason Staines on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2016 by Hemant Patil

We are developing a workflow which will allow our Sales staff to send the details of new business applications to our credit control team. The process uses an "Activity" item which uses the "Self Service" form and is assigned to the "Credit Control" team in the users section.  When the user is notified of a new workflow item they have to go into Sugar and "Claim" the item.  This assigns them as the process user.  This all works perfectly fine on our development sever, yet when we made it live an error occurs.  When the member of credit control logins in and attempts to navigate to the workflow item to "Claim" it a message appears to say the data is not available.  We've examined the user roles/permissions and they are all identical and from what I can see the data is put together in the same way.  However, if the user team assigned to the Activity event in the workflow is changed from Credit Control to Global, it starts work again. It also works just fine in Round Robin mode.


Any anyone have any ideas what's going on?  Our VAR has had this for over a week and still no closer.