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Email Address not added to New Lead when Process Author Process is used

Question asked by Chad Hutchins on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Chad Hutchins

When adding Leads via the Sugar Bean we're finding that the Process Author process is doing something that prevents the passed email address from being saved with the record.


Here's the scenario:


We create a lead like this:


$lead = BeanFactory::newBean('Leads');

$lead->first_name = 'Sally';

$lead->last_name = 'Sue';

$lead->email1 = '';



There is a Process Author Process that says if the Lead Status is empty, set it to "New Lead".


After all of this is run, the Lead is created as Sally Sue with Lead Status set to "New Lead" however the email address is blank.


If I disable the Process Author Process and do the same thing, the Lead is created but this time the email address added to the Lead.


Is there a special way to add email addresses when working with Process Author?


Or is this something where Process Author is breaking the normal bean->save() cycle and the email address is never saved/related in the database?