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Transport Customization from A to B

Question asked by Günter Swatschina on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by Günter Swatschina

I have customized on my environment A.

I have added new fields, dropdowns, labels, masks, lists, ...


Now I want to transport my customization to environment B.

 Fields, layouts can be easily exported in studio and imported by Module Loader.


 Things which were not transported:
+ Dropdown values for changed values - I had to customize it manually on the target environment.
+ Dashboards, Reports - is there a way to export/import this?
+ Everything under Admin:

  • Password Management
  • System Settings
  • Locale
  • Currencies
  • Displayed Modules and SubPanels


Is there an article how to transport these customizations? I guess it is stored in some files...


Thx for any help!