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How to hide header in SugarCRM community edition

Question asked by jothi s on Sep 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Alan Apter

Actually i am new to sugarcrm and zend frame work too .if anything not able to understand my following question means comment here . Now I am go for my query actually I need to hide the my header portion in all the page . So I followed this link

mine version is : sugarcrm community Version 6.5.23

Its work charm but its hide the header part in list view and some pages only when I go detail view or edit view its showing all header again not hiding header part in detail view . so I want the hide the header part in each and every page . I don’t have much knowledge about sugarcrm and zend too so . what can do where can I do . Sorry for my bad English

thanks advance