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required field change in record.js

Question asked by Robert Lehner on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Robert Lehner

Hi all.

Im Running PE .

I've created a custom date field name quote_delivery_c in Opportunities which is a required field.

Then I created a record.js File.

In this file I clear the quote_delivery_c field when I sales_stage goes to prospecting, that the users have to enter a new date.

This is working fine.

But when the user click on save they get only the red message that something is wrong on the entry and they have to correct it. But they don't see what is wrong, because the field quote_delivery_c doesn't get a red frame.

I found out, If I go to edit the entry the red Frame is there. ONly when I do the inline edit of the sales_stage the problem occure.

How can I set the field to edit mode in the record.js script?


thanks in advance Robert