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bad data passed in with rest API

Question asked by John Gwaltney on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by John Gwaltney

Recently our customers have started seeing errors with Sugar on demand instances with the v10 REST API. Here are two examples of requests that used to work but have stopped functioning:


1) POST to http://<url>.com/rest/v10/Leads/filter
data: {"filter":[{"$and":[{"id":{"$equals":"ef2163a0-7d3a-11e6-9c21-000c2920f9d4"}}]}],"max_num":"100"}


2) POST to https://<org>

data: {"account_status_c": "Active",    "annual_revenues_c": "0.0",    "auction_brochure_c": "false",    "billing_address_city": "test",    "billing_address_country": "USA",    "billing_address_county_c": "test",    "billing_address_postalcode": "90210",    "billing_address_state": "NC",    "billing_address_status_c": "valid",    "billing_address_street": "123 test Road 321",    "campaign_lists_c": "^auction_comp_sell^",    "deleted": "false",    "description": "test description",    "duns_num": "99999",    "eda_buyer_id_c": "1111111",    "eda_count_financed_c": "3",    "eda_total_financed_c": "55555.0",    "equify_master_email_list_c": "false",    "equipment_description_c": "^0110^",    "equipment_manufacturer_c": "TEST, TEST",    "fleet_avg_age_c": "0.0",    "id": "f0b7b4bb-7c78-11e6-bec8-0050568e6ee2",    "last_activity_date_c": "2015-04-21T00:00:00-05:00",    "lease_ratio_c": "0.0",    "list_source_c": "^EDA^,^AuctionCompSell^",    "name": "myName",    "phone_office": "830-672-3768",    "rel_status_c": "prospect",    "shipping_address_city": "test",    "shipping_address_country": "USA",    "shipping_address_postalcode": "90210",    "shipping_address_state": "NC",    "shipping_address_status_c": "valid",    "shipping_address_street": "123 test Road 321",    "sic_class_c": "TESTCLASS",    "sic_code": "9999",    "tractors_total_c": "0",    "trailers_total_c": "0",    "upload_id_c": "7fe5d060-7c75-11e6-bec8-0050568e6ee2",    "vehicles_total_c": "0",    "territories_c": "^EFL08^,^Test^",    "eda_last_update_c": "2016-09-16T00:00:00-05:00"}


In both cases, the response is just a 200 OK but the data is just "Bad data passed in; <a href="http://<url>.com">Return to Home</a>".  Is there any way to debug this?  Is this due to a change on the Sugar on demand end?