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Chart Axis Labels Are Nonsensical.  How Can this be Rectified?

Question asked by scott haslam on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by scott haslam

I have created at least a dozen or more reports that contain various charts - pies, funnels, horiz and vert bars, etc.  In all of the bar charts, the axis labels are nonsensical.  They are labeled with an "m" for meters (I think that's what the m is for), and there are incremental ticks even though I've chosen a Count as the display summary.  Count can only be an integer, so there is no reason for decimal-ed, incremental tick marks.


This is really throwing off the look and feel of the charts.  How can I correct this?  I have attached a screenshot for reference.  Notice the Y-axis label.  We have an enterprise level account with 700 licenses.