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Import Issue: I'm test loading a few account records in the import wizard. My first test went fie but i was missing some data ina  couple fields. Once i added those fields I ran into 

Question asked by Matthew Edwards on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Matthew Edwards

I'm test loading a couple records in the account module. When i did my first record test it sent fine. But i was missing some data, so i went ahead and added that information and when i do my upload i dont have any successes, errors or duplicates. nothing shows up. when the load bar comes across the screen it says loading 12 records (Which is the amount). But i dont get any information from it. I've tried every way and restarted the import multiple times. I've also just tried a 3 fields account upload with one record and it still wont load.


Any ideas as to why it wont upload and give me any feedback?