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Global Search : retrieving Related record from a specific contact.

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Sep 19, 2016

Hello everyone !

I have THE big question about Global Search for you!

Actually running on Sugar, but may upgrade to 7.7 at the dawn of 2017.


My customer has Contacts and Contracts standard modules.

Contact A subscripted to a Contract 1 (with Sugar ID 0023 -for example)

Contact B subscripted to a Contract 1 (with Sugar ID 0123 -for example too)

So those two contracts has the same name but are not subscripted by the same person and are different.


In global Search, I would like to get the contract attached to the right contact.

So is there a way todo this ?

like using the AND => But i've tried, it is not working, and the result is : Global search shows the Contact A and both of Contracts with name = 1 .


Do you have any idea ?


Thanks a lot !


Have a nice day !