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I have a workflow set up to create 10 tasks when a prospect source changes to a certain source. It's only creating the first task.

Question asked by Sara Day on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Sara Day

Let me preface by saying that I recently took over admin rights from the person in my position previously, so I'm still learning how Sugar works. However, I've exhausted all possibilities with this one, I think!


I have a workflow set up to automatically create 10 tasks for each lead that has a source of Trade Show. The first task is being created just fine - it's assigned to the lead's assigned user and the due dates are set up perfectly. However, the other 9 are not being assigned. I double-checked that these other 9 are set up in the exact same way as the one that's actually working correctly.


The assigned users are having to go through and manually schedule those tasks. With 100+ leads being assigned to each in fairly regular batches, this is time consuming and inefficient. 


Any ideas? I've attached a screenshot of the action section from my workflow page below.