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Can I change the language of the New User Wizard?

Question asked by eprice Employee on Sep 13, 2016
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I have read that it is not possible to change the default timezone in the New User Wizard because Sugar checks the browser for that setting. This was in a comment from 2014. Is that still true?


Is the same also true if I wanted to change the language of the New User Wizard? E.g. if I want Italian, would I put 

$sugar_config['default_language'] = 'it_it';

in config_override.php?


I am trying to test this, by making this edit, but how then do I get back to the New User Wizard? I have tried setting

$sugar_config['installer_locked'] = true;

in config_override.php, but navigating to localhost gives me an error. I am a developer newbie and am using the Vagrant Dev Environment, as detailed here: