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Has anyone successfully gotten the sucrose charting project working?

Question asked by Alan Apter Employee on Sep 1, 2016

Sucrose is SugarCRM's open source charting project available here: GitHub - sugarcrm/sucrose: Sucrose Charts: SugarCRM's Chart Library based on D3.js. There is an example over here: Sucrose Charts.


I've tried cloning it (Ubuntu 14.04), and following the steps to get it working, but I haven't successfully managed to do it. On a clean machine, the steps I tried were:


To install node:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs


To install/update npm:

npm install npm -g


To get sucrose running:

git clone

128 cd sucrose/

npm i --save-dev

make clean

make all


To get the code in the right places:

cp *.css examples/css/

cp *.js examples/js/


To get the missing libraries:



I've verified that sucrose.js, sucrose.min.js, sucrose.css, and sucrose.min.css are still in the repo directory.


The error message I'm getting is:


jquerymy.min.js:4 Form sucrose-gauge failed to initialize. m is not defined ReferenceError: m is not defined
at applyConfigurationSettings (
at Object.getConfig (
at Object.get (
at Object.init (
at F (
at r (
at g (
at n.I (
at (
at Object.loadForm (


My instance is at Sucrose Charts  - you have to click on a specific chart to get this error.


Anyone else had this problem?