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Table width for global search results for a single module goes off screen.

Question asked by Aleksey Azanyan on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Aleksey Azanyan

My calls module works fine on it's own however when it show's results as part of a global search(even if it is the only module searched.) it extends the results to a width of 2200 and goes off screen. It also seems to be ignoring the % I want to allocate to each column. I found the error in the html, is the display of the results table itself for that module.


If I take that module out of the global search under advanced, other modules format properly. However with that module included or just that module the table width which is set 100% goes off screen. Yet I don't know where to find how it generates the html. I think if I changed the table style="width 100%" to  <table style='table-layout : fixed'> it would fix the problem but I dunno where to find it. 


If you have other suggestions as well I would be more then happy to look into them, I like my hair, I have wonderful wavy hair and I don't wanna pull anymore of it out.


Please help!