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Custom Code Bcc Email Address

Question asked by Govind Dhanraj on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Govind Dhanraj
I created a custom sugarpdf.pdfmanager.php to pull email addresses from a custom module in Opportunities when emailing a PDF, It works but I'd like to add the addresses as Bcc 
This is the code I added to test a Bcc address
foreach ($linkedBeans as $linkedBean) {
   $email_object->to_addrs .= '';
$email_object->bcc_addrs = '';
This is what the email object looks like, it has the bcc_addrs
[id] => f3415f74-7230-72ef-1b81-57c466027662
    [date_entered] => 
    [date_modified] => 
    [assigned_user_id] => 
    [assigned_user_name] => 
    [modified_user_id] => 
    [created_by] => 
    [team_id] => 1
    [deleted] => 
    [from_addr] => 
    [reply_to_addr] => 
    [to_addrs] =>John Smith <>;
    [cc_addrs] => 
    [bcc_addrs] =>
But the email composer doesn't show the bcc, it just show the to_addr, see the image.
Any suggestions?