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Enable .CSV import or install MS Excel plugin for Projects module?

Question asked by Angelo Bovino on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by jsmith




I am looking for a way to enable importing for the Projects module.


The only solution I have found for this is by modifying some of the code in a .php file, however, I do not have access to these files.  If I can enable importing in Sugar and avoid using the Excel plugin, this would be the ideal scenario.


Question 1: Is there an easy way to enable .CSV importing for the Projects Module?  Please keep in mind that I will not have access to our servers, or be able to make any modifications in the Sugar code.


Question 1.a: If I cannot enable importing for the projects module will installing the Excel plugin allow me to import via Excel?  Or will I still need to enable importing?


Question 2: Also, we plan on making custom modifications in Studio to the Project module.  Besides making custom fields importable, is there anything I should know that could effect our installation of the Excel Plugin?


Sugar Version: SugarCRM Enterprise, Version

Excel Version: 14.0.7166.5000 (32-bit)