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Emails being stored in the Notes module...?

Question asked by Philippa Grover on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2016 by Alan Apter

Hi everyone,


Whilst investigating another issue, we have noted that Sugar is storing Outlook-archived emails within the Notes subpanel. When a user archives an email from Outlook, Sugar stores the email and its attachments as separate records in this module. If the sender’s signature contains multiple icons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), Sugar splits each logo as a separate attachment.


I have checked a number of other clients' Sugar instances (including our own), and this is happening for every site. Sugar have confirmed this functionality is by design, however we need to find a way of disabling it.


We have re-purposed the standard Notes module for something completely different, and we cannot have it clogged up with erroneous emails.


Has anyone noticed this? If so, have you worked out how to disable this functionality?


Best wishes,