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How to get value from parent module (one to many) with Logic Hook?

Question asked by Arpad Szabo on Aug 22, 2016
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I building a new, unique ID for a custom contract module. 

The contract module is in a One to Many realtionship with Account module, so one Contract only belongs to one Account. 

In Contracts module I have to get the name of the related Account via before save LogicHook. 

Here is the code i used. All the parts are working but I cant get value for the $ID_RelAccount variable: 


When I save a new record I must get the following format ID: "SZ_COON_20160822_114257"

I cant get the "red" COON value which is generated via match from a list and the related Account name (if they match)


//Place here: custom/modules/Contracts/
class GenerateID {
function GenerateID_SZ($bean, $event, $arguments)
// This "if" statement makes sure that the record only runs when a new record is first created.
//Without the "if" statement, tbe ID will be regenerated everytime the record is edited.
if ($bean->name == '0')

$ID_companyDB = array( //This is a list of acceptable Account names and format keys.
COON => 'Company One LLC.',
COTW => 'Company Two LLC.',
COTH => 'Company Trhee LLC.');

//Getting nothing from related Account with the following code
$ID_RelAccount = BeanFactory::getBean("Accounts",$name);

$relatedBeans = $ID_RelAccount->accounts_contracts->getBeans();
return $relatedBeans;


$companycode = array_search($ID_RelAccount,$companyDB); //Search: are $ID_RelAccount is in list?
$date = new DateTime(); //new date variable
$ID_uniquedate = $date->format('Ymd_His');//Getting the special format datetime as unique number.


$ID_code = "SZ_{$ID_companycode}_{$ID_uniquedate}";//Concatenate the values of the variables


$bean ->name = $ID_code;//Giving back the unique identifyer to tha name field.


Thank You,