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How to authenticate my mobile application using rest api or soap

Question asked by Saad Charafi on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Alan Apter

I customize the application web sugarCRM to my need and I have to realize a hybrid mobile application using Ionic framework and AngularJS. I want to make a authentication from the mobile application. In my folder js/factory/userProvider.js i have this code

app.factory('userProvider', function($rootScope, $http) {      function signIn(User) {         var url = 'The url of the  rest api  ';         $,Userser).success(function (response) {            console.log(response);         });         return{ signIn: signIn }      } });

My big problem is that SugarCRM already has web services and I don't know the url to use for the authentication.

In my folder js/controllers/homepageController i have this code :

app .controller('homepageIndex', function ($scope) { })  .controller('homepageLogin', function ($scope, userProvider) {         $scope.user = {};      $scope.signIn = function (user) { userProvider.signIn(user); }  });

So I want to know how to use the web services of sugarCRM to authenticate in my mobile application.