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What is deep linking in SugarCRM Mobile v4?

Question asked by Darren Flood on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Tevfik Tümer

With this weeks release notes for SugarCRM Mobile v4 it talks about deep linking. Can someone explain what that is and provide some example user stories where this might be used?


Also, where is the best place to provide feedback on the mobile client? It's a fantastic product and the regular improvements are noticeable. 


Kudos to the UX team on the colour scheme changes. I liked the black theme of the previous versions but have to admit that the new lighter and brighter look is a big improvement. I was demoing it to a prospective client today and it made a great impression. Looking forward to seeing the Web UI adopt these new changes soon.


Kudos also to the whoever on the mobile team is writing the release notes. Informative, friendly and fun - It strikes the tone of how Sugar should position more of their marketing IMO. Great job!



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