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How can I Filter Popup on relationship?

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by Francesca Shiekh

I am working with three modules:



WContracts (custom)


On WContracts I have Account and Contact, both appear as a relate filed, both are the result of a 1-M relationship.

Accounts - Contacts is N-M


When an Account is selected and the user goes to choose the Contact, I want to restrict the Contacts available to only those on the Account. 


I tried working through the example on the Developer Guide:… 

But I can't quite get it to work or understand the examples.

The hardcoded filter in the example is of no use in this scenario, I need the value to be dynamic.

And the dynamic filter example is for actual fields, but I don't have a Contact field on Account or an Account field on Contact, I have a relationship between Accounts and Contacts. If I used the Contacts popup as is the only think I have to go by is a non-db field with "ContactRole at Account" which contains the Account name and the custom ContactRole (a custom module where ContactRole has two relate fields: Contact and Account).


What I'm really trying to do is to have filtered collection by relationship... not by search field.


So maybe I should be looking at:… 


But it's still unclear to me how to use the relationship Accounts<->Contacts for the drawer filter.


Could I override the on click event on the Contacts Relate field to open a list of pre-filtered Contacts to select from instead of the standard select2 with the search option?


Because in that case I could use an API call to generate the collection:

url = app.api.buildURL('Accounts/'+account_id+'/link/accounts_contacts/')

and pass the resulting collection 

contactsCollection = "Contacts", data.records);

to an with layout selection-list and collection contactsCollection