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Error : (Check Marketo for changes to Leads) failed in CRON run

Question asked by Lavanya Bommini on Aug 11, 2016

We have marketo connected to our sugarcrm and the scheduled job [ that runs every 5 minutes) throws up an error  "Retrieving record WHERE email_address_caps = ' ' AND deleted=0: Query Failed:SELECT TOP 1 * FROM () as top_count order by SELECT email_addresses.* FROM email_addresses WHERE email_address_caps = N'xxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx' AND deleted=0::: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ')'.
08/10/16 15:25:57 [5448][2cbaeae6-02e1-6fe8-f9c0-4ca3fcfe7d2a][FATAL] Job abaabfab-abcd-abcd-abcd-abaaabcdefgh (Check Marketo for changes to Leads) failed in CRON run" in application logs and stops.The sql that is generated by marketo connector has a poor syntax and stops the scheduled job. It happened only for 3 emails and when we removed the person from marketo the job runs seamleslly but again gets stopped at another email.Yes, it was many records syncing through, but is there any specific reason why the SQL that is generated by marketo connecter get corrupted.