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Partial Error 404 when I delete the cache folder

Question asked by carloszaragoza on Aug 10, 2016
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Matt Marum Angel Magana

Clearing the cache folder to see reflected in my instance Sugar changes, Sugar returns a 404 error in the content of the page and main menu only shows "Name Module" instead of the name that should show, I have to give F5 other time to finish loading

Any idea why not finish loading the cache files and sends me the error?


When I track changes in cache folder, stop in "cache/" folder in ATTRIB class_map.php,  If I press f5 again, the process continues and finish ok.







The error in javascript console is: 

http://{SugarCRM Instance}/rest/v10/metadata?type_filter=currencies%2Cfull_module_list%2Cmodules_info%2Chidden_subpanels%2Cjssource%2Cjssource_public%2Cordered_labels%2Cmodule_tab_map%2Cmodules%2Crelationships%2Cserver_info%2Cconfig%2C_override_values%2Cfilters%2Clogo_url&module_filter=&platform=base 

500 (Internal Server Error)

If I try to call by Postman, the result is correct but when I delete de cache folder, the result is an error 500, php_errors, don't have nothing about the error.







Francesca Shiekh