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Automate Dropdownlist creation via manifest

Question asked by Madhav Shenoy on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Mehul Bhandari


        I know how to create a custom dropdown field for a module from the manifest  file. So lets say I have something like this in the manifest file


"name" => "document_type_c",
"label"=> "LBL_DOCUMENT_TYPE",
"type" => "enum",
"module" => "Quotes",
"ext1" => "quote_document_list",
"default_value" => "",
"required" => false,
"reportable" => true,
"audited" => false,
"importable" => 'true',
"duplicate_merge" => false,
"labelValue" => "Document Type"

So now in this piece of code I have had to manually create the dropdown ext1, i.e. quote_document_list from the dropdown list editor under the admin panel. Is there anyway to automate this via the manifest file?