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How to throw and cach Logic Hook errors/exceptions and send error messages to log/GUI?

Question asked by Arpad Szabo on Aug 5, 2016
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I just wrote my frist Logic Hook, to clean and stardise the Accounts names (Company names) with a before save hook, like this:


    class Clean
        function CleanName($bean, $event, $arguments)
           $companyname = $bean->name;
           $companyname = ucwords(strtolower(trim(str_replace('"',' ',$companyname))));
           $bean->name = $companyname;




Im curious what happens if there is an error in the variable and the logic hook cant run as expected? In this case i will never know where is the error if I cant get an error message from the logic hook.


How to throw error message to the screen , or if it simplier directly to the sugar log like this:


206.08.05. 09:17 - Error: "Custom Logic Hook function called CleanName casused error".


Asked the support, they said the to the log I can write like this:

$GLOBALS['log']->fatal("yourname: whatever");


But I dont know how to implement for this Logic Hook (never done before )



Im under Sugar 7.7.1. Enterprise.

Thank You for Your Help!