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Creating Campaign Member Status

Question asked by David Turner on Aug 4, 2016

I'm a recent convert from SFDC.  One bit of functionality I utilized in that platform that I do not see in SugarCRM is Campaign Member Status.  What I want to do is create a small list of names to contact manually (either by sending a personal email or making a phone call) and I want to be able to track that process by giving each a MEMBER STATUS related to that campaign.

In SFDC, for example, I could create a campaign with 100 names or so and would start by giving them each a status of "identified."  As I worked through the campaign, statuses would change to things like "1Try", "2Tries", "Meeting", "Declined", "Referred", etc.  As such, I could always create a nice report for management that said here are the names who have agreed to a meeting, here are the ones who declined, here are the ones I'm still trying to reach, and so on.

Furthermore, it helped me prevent sending follow up emails to people who had already declined and it also provided a useful campaign history of what happened to each person over several of these campaigns.

All I see in SugarCRM is click-thrus to emails I sent, which I don't really care about.

Is there an easy way to create/manage the type of campaign I described in SugarCRM?  I'm using Professional Edition, v 7.7.