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Having Notes linked to multiple points within CRM

Question asked by Mark Potten on Aug 3, 2016

Having a 360 view of your accounts is one key point to ensure staff have all available information to hand so how is it that notes do not appear under the Account sub panel?


Case in point. We add a note to a meeting that has been held, this note then appears under that particular meeting and it also appears under the contact record of the customer attending the meeting, it does not however appear in the more global view when looking at the related Account to which both the contact and the meeting are associated with.


If we try to link the note to the account it is removed from the meeting and the contact. This is not very helpful as you need to then drill down into each individual contact or meeting to see the link to the appropriate note.


If the Note is linked to the Account we should be able to click on the note and then see which contact and which meetings are associated to the note.


I hope this makes some sort of sense to someone and that they can help me to resolve this issue.