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Migrate customizations from in-house sugar to an ondemand instance

Discussion created by Backcountry CRMTeam on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by André Lopes

We currently customize our sugar application locally in the development environment in which we have a GIT repository with the SugarCRM code, we have done changes like:

- Adding custom fields and update the corresponding views

- Add new modules

- Customize javascript


We want to deploy our changes to our Sugar OnDemand instance, for which we are packaging the "custom" folder of our SugarCRM repository (which sugar places the customizations) the script found in BuildingBlocks/ at master · sugarcrm/BuildingBlocks · GitHub and adding a basic manifest.php with:

$installdefs = array(
//You should use a unique value here for each package
'id' => 'Customizations',
'beans' => array(),
'layoutdefs' => array(),
'relationships' => array(),
'copy' => array(
'from' => '<basepath>/custom',
'to' => 'custom',



After we import the generated package through the module loader, I go to the Opportunities module for which we have added new fields, the new fields are not shown, but if I go to the view layout I can see fields there, but when I save them and open the record again the value was not saved.


The only way I can get the fields to show up is by adding a custom_fields section to the manifest and detail each one of the fields there.


We cant rely on the Studio export customizations functionality to create the package because that does not export customizations like: ./sugarcrm/custom/Extension/modules/Emails/Ext/clients/base/views/compose/compose.php


Is there a way of packaging the custom folder that automatically takes care of the new fields when importing?