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Sugar 7 : error change and page's re-direction after Team reassignment

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Bhavesh Patel

Hello fellow Sugarers !


I need your help on a little problem I have...


What i have

I have set up several inbound emails that create Cases.

For some reason, users from Team A will need to re-assign some of the Cases to users of Team B.

It is really simple, right ? They only have to edit the case, fill in the required fields and change the team, then they save it.


The problem :

When saving the case, there is an error occuring :

The translation could be "Error : an error occured during the connexion to the server. Please retry"

And the case seems not to be saved and stay in Edit layout.

But if we navigate to another page (like going to Cases List), the case has been saved right and is now assigned to Team B (so Team A is no longer able to see it)


What i would like

So, I trully understand the process behind this, i know that someone from Team A do not have to see something assigned to Team B. But the display is really bad. Why is the case still in edit mode, if the reassignment is done ? Normally, user from Team A do not have to see it !


So, I would like to first, change the error message (like "You've reassigned the case") and then, to redirect the user to another page (like Cases list). I think it could be by overriding save() function ? Or is it something in Sugar about team reassignment ?


Do you know how to modify re-assignment Error message and to redirect the user to another page ?


Thanks a lot for your time.

Have a nice day !