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I am going to customize portal wether you like it or not. How to?

Question asked by James Palmisano on Aug 2, 2016

Hello world,  

  I know that the portal is not made to be customized, but it is crucial to my employment that I get customization into the portal so yea. I need to get my customizations working please. 


First Thing: I need to make the login screen for the portal different from the login screen in sugar. How would I go about doing this?  If I can change the image that would be great such that the one in sugar doesn't get changed as well. 


second: I need to change the column names in the dashboard screen. So...



Also how do I change the module names that appear on top. If you are wondering the motivation for this the names need to match the verbs we use in our business so people can easily identify what we are talking about.


Third thing: 

When I click on a case I need to be able to change the subject Header line such that it includes the column name from the previous screenshot. 


Fourth: There is a lot of space in the little dashlet preview thing on the right side of the screen that is wasted. How can I modify the styles of this page and is a style problem?


Fifth thing is I want more subpanel in here for my modules.  So Emails, meetings, tasks, calls.. how do I get them in the activity stream as well?





Best Regards 

  James Palmisano