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Unclear about license limits when using SugarCRM in commercial SaaS product

Question asked by Petar Zivkovic on Jul 30, 2016

I am building a commercial SaaS product and would like to use SugarCRM Community Edition as a background service for it's ability to handle user data, communication, etc. No modifications to the SugarCRM source code will be made, and I will interface to the system via the already available Webservice API.


So basically my commercial SaaS product would use SugarCRM in the same way it would use a database or other backend service. End users will interact with my SaaS product which in some cases may provide a wrapper to specific SugarCRM functions or just fetch data via the Webservice API.



I'm having trouble determining if I am allowed to do so according to the license, and still keep my SaaS product closed source and commercial.



Any insight you can provide me in regard to this use case would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your help, and for providing such a great product to the community.