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How can I get all records of contact using REST API v10 ?

Question asked by Kalpesh Katyare on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by Rama Reddy

I am writing a service to synchronize the contacts between both the systems (CRM and Exchange). I have used a web service (C#, V10 REST API) provided by Sugar website in order to connect to CRM. It was working well. I am able to login, create new records, update new records, pull records through the code(API).


But when pulling the records by default first 20 records I am able to pull. So my questions are –

     a) How can I pull next 20 records from SugarCRM Modules ?

     b) How can I pull all the records from SugarCRM Modules ?


SugarCRM Instance is 7.7 and Rest api version v10.


I am pulling records from below method –

     get_entry_list(string session, string module_name, string query, string order_by, int offset, string[] select_fields, int max_results, int deleted)


     module_name = Contacts

     query = null

     order_by = null

     select_fields = { "id", "first_name", "last_name", "title", "email1", "deleted” }

     max_results = 1000 (i.e. To pull 1000 records )

     deleted = 0